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KHV Outbreak Worsens in UK

KHV spreads

More than 200 stillwater fisheries in the UK have been stocked by fish suppliers believed to be possible sources of the UK's current Koi Herpes Virus outbreak it is believed. A letter from the Environment Agency received by the Angling Times, states that there have been 12 confirmed cases of KHV in stillwater fisheries in England so far this year: ten of the fisheries have been legally stocked this year with carp from 26 different suppliers, but the remaining two have not been legally stocked this year; suggesting that either KHV was already present in the fish, or that it was introduced on illegally stocked fish. To read the story of the original outbreak click here.

Koi Hotel Web-site Launched
The latest web-site from Nishikigoi International has been especially developed to provide information to Koi enthusiasts wishing to visit the koi farming districts of Japan. aims to provide information and prices on some of the leading hotels in Nagaoka and Ojiya, plus some places to eat and visit. In addition it will also include JR Narita express and Shinkannsen timetables, prices and information.

South African Supreme Champion
The winner of South Africa’s premier award in koi keeping was Brian Lee, whose Ginrin Showa won the 15th National Show Supreme Champion Award.
Further information click here.

The Koiphen Koi Show Cancelled
The Koiphen Koi Show that was due to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, United States 8th-10th September has been cancelled. Refunds are currently being processed. Further details click here.

Gill Adaptation to Oxygen Shortage

Gill structure changes

University of Oslo scientists have discovered how the Crucian Carp is able to live for months without oxygen. They have found that it can change the structure of its gills to avoid becoming anoxic. Its blood also has a much higher affinity for oxygen than any other vertebrate, and it also makes tranquillisers and produces alcohol when oxygen supplies are limited.

Most animals can only last for a few minutes without oxygen, but the Crucian Carp can survive for several days with almost no oxygen. The ability to live in these conditions allows the carp to survive the winter in the shallow ice-covered ponds of Scandinavia. Researchers still do not understand fully how these fish do this, but they know that their heart rate is a major contributing factor.

The fish survive by drastically slowing down their heart and other systems inside their bodies. They then produce few waste products, such as lactic acid, which can harm the body. The fish convert the lactic acid to ethanol, which is much less harmful. Ethanol is a form of alcohol, and so the fish does eventually need to remove it from its system. It is thought that the ethanol is circulated to the gills of the fishes, where it can flow out and into the water.

Indonesian Fish Imports to Pass Through Malta
In order to facilitate the overseas marketing of its products, Indonesia has named Malta as one of the entry gates for the country’s fishery products to the European Union. Marine Resources and Fisheries Minister Freddy Numberi said that access for Indonesian fishery exports (including ornamental fish) to Europe would be easier through Malta due to its location near the southern borders. "The transportation cost from Indonesia to Malta will also be lower than from Indonesia to other countries or cities in Europe," said Numberi. "Malta's position between Europe and Africa could also be used as an entry gate to the Middle East or African countries."

Koi Hacienda Open
Koi Hacienda, the premier koi distributor in Andalucia has opened officially to the public. The company are one of a few quality koi suppliers in Spain which only supply Japanese Koi with quality bloodlines from Niigata and central Japan. They guarantee the traceability of each fish.
Further details click here.

Mud Pond Facility for Koi
South African koi specialists Oriental Koi Farm have identified the need for hobbyists in possession of show quality koi to have access to grow-on facilities in a secure environment with stable conditions. They offer the latest high tech perimeter security, linked via satellite to a state of the art control room, and comply with the bio-security standards as prescribed by SAKTA and the KBI. They have designed several plans to suite everybody’s needs: Rental of an entire mud pond – 1 .2 million litres: R5000 per month payable in advance. There are larger facilities available.
Further details click here.

Ornamental Fish Working Group and Koi in Australia

A positive preliminary outcome

A submission on behalf of Australian koi-keepers, to the Australian Ornamental Fish Working Group, by Australian koi societies, supported by societies around the world regarding the status of koi in Australia has had a positive preliminary outcome.

The Working Group acknowledged the fact that, although koi are technically the same species as the noxious European carp, domesticated koi comprise the basis of a widespread industry and a hobby enjoyed by many specialist koi and water gardening enthusiasts in Australia click here.

Obituary - Mr Cliff Fox
Koi enthusiasts around the world will be saddened to hear of the death of Mr. Cliff Fox, who in 1974 founded the Koi Society of Australia. He served as President for many years.

Aqua Research Center Opened in Canada
Researchers have unveiled the newly expanded animal health centre in Victoria, Prince Edward Island, where innovative research will uncover solutions for controlling disease-causing pathogens in farmed fish. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to introduce the recently renovated Novartis Animal Health Center for Aqua Research and Development, which is a facility that houses the development of leading animal treatments, including research and development of fish health products, vaccines and pharmaceutical products for prevention of parasites.

South African Koi Keepers Society
The go-ahead has been given to establish a Pretoria chapter of the Society, giving Pretoria the opportunity to run its own committee, excursions and show. The meeting to discuss the founding of a chapter is being held at Oriental Koi Farm at 10.30am for 11am on 1st October. Further details click here.

Win Superb Koi Courtesy of Tetra

Win this fish!

To celebrate the launch of the fish food KoiExcellence, Tetra, are offering UK water gardeners the chance to win one of three top Tategoi. In conjunction with Nishikigoi International magazine the company have secured three koi from leading Japanese breeders, which anyone has the chance of winning. From their photographs place them in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd as they are now, and then how you think they will be in a year’s time after being fed on Tetra KoiExcellence more..

Abattoir Waste-water Fish Project to Expand
The first effort at culturing fish in an abattoir’s waste-water has been successfully completed in a trial in South Australia. Tatiara Meat Company, a lamb exporter, consumes about 1 million litres of water in an average day in its operations. Most of the water used is then recycled, however, waste water held in storage ponds is now being used to grow ornamental goldfish and carp, which purifies the water making it suitable to irrigate pasture for fodder for livestock. Environmental officer Fil Farina says the project is likely to expand. "A lot of meat processing works do have storage lagoons on site and also a lot of them do have further processing facilities. I do see a big future for this sort of a project".

Aqua-One Improved
Aqua-One, the "science-first" bacterial product known for outstanding results is now even better, according to the manufacturer. With more strains of beneficial bacteria, Aqua-One is works for seeding bio-filters, controlling nutrient in the spring and summer and for reducing sludge all year.
Further information click here.

The Innovative Spiral Flow Pipe

The Spiral Flow Pipe

The Spiral Flow Pipe looks like any ordinary PVC pipe that might be used in pond construction. However, it has internal blades, which create an internal spiral shape that helps to prevent the establishment of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms that breed in a straight pipe. The Spiral Flow pipe is available in three standard PVC pipe sizes. Further information click here.

Introducing InScenio FM-Master
Manufactured by Oase, this is a convenient radio remote control solution for turning various electrical devices in the garden off and on, or for reducing water flow rates. Fitted with a stake, it can be firmly anchored in the ground. The four outlets and the mains input are waterproof, strain-relieved, and are suitable for year- round use. The hand transmitter has a maximum range of 80 m for remote control.
Further details click here.

2007 All Japan Show and Sakai of Hiroshima
The 38th Combined All Japan Show will be held on January 20th - 21st 2007 at the Ryutsu Center in Tokyo, Japan. The annual event is attended by virtually all of Japan's leading breeders, as well as Koi dealers and hobbyists from all over the globe.

AKCA - Project Koi
This note is a reminder of this extremely serious project that addresses some grave issues for the koi-keeping and water gardening world. There continues to be a growing concern about Koi Herpes Virus (KHV). The Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) has a history of significant funding for developing technologies and initiatives to promote koi health. KHV research grants are currently being funded and additional research projects are being undertaken. This web-site describes much of this work and the continuing need for funds.
Further information click here.

Specialist Fish Food Web-site
Well known ornamental fish and pond specialists Happy Koi have launched a specialist fish food web-site for South African water gardeners. Called, it aims to provide fish-keepers and pond enthusiasts with sound information and the opportunity to purchase the right fish food products for their particular circumstances. To visit the web-site click here.

A New Scented Waterside Bamboo for the Koi Pond

Adding an oriental touch

Phyllostachys atrovaginata ‘Green Perfume’ is a new winter-hardy waterside bamboo, which is shortly to be introduced to gardeners by Dutch bamboo specialist Jan Oprins. Originating from China, it is a straight, upright-growing plant, which reaches a height of 5-8m (16-26ft). The shoots are edible. When the young stalks are rubbed the scent of incense is released. It enjoys damp conditions and flourishes in wet soils at the water’s edge and is a perfect complement to the larger koi pond.

Upgraded Ultraviolet Clarifiers
Now upgraded with a reflective stainless steel insert, TetraPond GreenFree Ultraviolet Clarifiers are engineered to remove heavy algae blooms and permanently destroy the reproductive ability of suspended algae that causes green water, according to the manufacturer. The reflective stainless steel insert shields the inside of the plastic housing, protecting it from UV degradation and reflecting UV rays back through the algae. Further details click here.

Kichi Koi Buffet
Kichi Systems has introduced the Kichi Koi Buffet, an on-demand mechanical feeder.It uses no batteries or electricity but instead relies upon a unique koi-activated lever system. The feeding mechanism is easily and widely adjustable to accommodate various sizes of koi, feed diameters and quantities. The feeder is 12 ins high by 11 ins wide and holds 1 gallon of food. Details click here.

Aqua Probiotics System
Sandton Aquatic Centre, one of the foremost suppliers of products for water gardeners and fish-keepers in South Africa have announced the Aqua Probiotics System. This is a range of products for the koi-keeper that will aid in their battle against the devastating ulcer disease. The Aqua Probiotics System works on the principle of competitive exclusion by introducing harmless, but stronger competitive organisms into the water, which compete directly with the bacteria that create the problem.

White Spot Disease Strains Identified

Different virulence detected

Scientists from the United States have become the first to provide experimental evidence to show the difference in virulence amongst the various different strains of the White Spot parasite, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. A team of parasitologists from the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine studied two forms of the White Spot parasite, and found that one of them killed all of the fish infected while the other only killed half.

The parasite strains studied, differed in the presence of a particular type of membrane protein found on their surface called an immobilisation antigen or i-antigen. So far five different types of White Spot have been described and can be identified from their characteristic i-antigens. The function of i-antigen proteins is not known, however, when they are purified and injected into fish they give the fish immunity against White Spot parasites expressing that i-antigen protein in their membranes.

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