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New US Koi Importation Rules

Regulations begin 29th September

Live fish of most species may be imported into the United States without import requirements from USDA. However, eight species of fish that are susceptible to the disease Spring Viremia of Carp (SVC) have recently come under USDA oversight. These species are: Common Carp, including Koi, Cyprinus carpio; Goldfish, Carassius auratus; Grass Carp, Ctenopharyngodon idellus; Silver Carp, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix; Bighead Carp, Aristichthys nobilis; Crucian Carp, Carassius carassius; Tench, Tinca tinca, and Sheatfish, Silurus glanis.

New regulations have been developed for the importation of live fish and their gametes (eggs and milt) from these species. The regulations pertain to commercial shipments and to fish brought in to the US as personal baggage. Live fish of these species may continue to be imported, provided they are accompanied by a USDA import permit and a veterinary health certificate issued by a full-time veterinary officer or Competent Authority of the National Government of the exporting country.

Importers must now use new identifying Harmonized Tariff Structure import codes assigned by the International Trade Commission for these species on shipping manifests and invoices. The new rules become effective 29th September 2006. For further information click here.

Got Algae Problems?

Then visit Got Algae .com. This web-site has been designed to provide information and solutions for various common water quality, algae, and aquatic plant problems associated with ponds, lakes, and water features. It aims to provide accurate, effective, and reliable information. Kasco Marine, Inc., the company behind the web-site are manufacturers of high quality, affordable aerating floating fountains, pond aerators, and water circulators for improved water quality and beauty. According to the company, Got Algae .com will focus on total water quality management with aeration being a key component, but possibly not a complete pond management tool. Details click here.

Large Aerating Fountains from Otterbine

Two years in development

Otterbine has announced the arrival of their new Large Aerating Fountains. According to the manufacturers, the development and testing of these fountains has taken has more than two years. They offer a cost-effective solution for those desiring large decorative water patterns combined with the benefits of strong aeration and water quality management. Manufactured from corrosion resistant materials, and a custom built oil-cooled Baldor motor, the Large Aerating Fountains need only 40in of water depth to operate and are available in both single and three phase models. Further details click here.

New Koi Identification CD

The 3rd Edition of the Koi Identification CD with its 400 photographs, mostly taken by Martin de Jong, and a wealth of information about koi varieties, classification and history is due for release by Koi Village by December 1st 2006. Further details click here.

Universal Rocks

Versatile rock-work

Universal Rocks America have introduced a range of artificial rocks, including landscape rocks, edge rocks and other designs that are idea for use in waterside and waterfall construction. The interior is made of high-density polyurethane and the outside is coated with bush rock. For further details click here.

Latest Waterfall Pumps from EasyPro

EasyPro Pond Products are now offering 8000 and 10000 gph Waterfall Pumps, which are large volume waterfall pumps ideal for higher head applications, according to the manufacturer. Features include compact design, continuous duty, air-filled motors and a double mechanical seal. They should now be available from distributors in North America.

Savio Water Master Solids Handling Pump

Savio Engineering Inc. has announced the Savio Water Master Solids Handling Pump. This is designed to be safe for fish, plants and other aquatic life. The pump has a ceramic-coated shaft, heavy-duty sealed bearings and a third internal seal that according to the manufacturer, protects and extends the life of the pump.
Further information click here.

Redesigned Aquascape Designs Biofalls Filter

Better all-round operation

Aquascape Designs Inc. have introduced its redesigned Biofalls filter. A removable upper tray that can hold a mixture of rocks, plants and gravel replaces the former rock ledge. The Biofalls now has a circular design for improved strength. Two bulkhead openings allow plumbing to be attached from either size, with the other opening being used to ease spring clean-outs or to fit multiple pumps and plumbing. The filter comes with a reversible waterfall stone for those not using natural stone. A reversible waterfall snout allows the stone to be turned around to reveal a flat face, The filter mat has 50% more surface area and a longer life-span than traditional mats. Further information click here.

Bio-Max Media

PondEco Aquatic Systems of Tulsa, Oklahoma, have launched Bio-Max Media, an ultra lightweight, high surface area biological filter media available with every Eco-Falls filter. The recycled material has abundant surface area with permeability to prevent blockage and channeling. To clean the media, agitate it in the filter with the pump off and drain dirty water. Further information click here.

Bring Sound to the Waterside

The Rock Monitor 60-SM from Paradigm is a high-performance stereo/mono outdoor "rock" speaker that offers two channels of sound (left and right) from a single speaker. The rock’s sealed cabinet is a weather, water, and UV-resistant polymer with self-draining fissures. The speaker is available in three textured, faux-stone finishes: Fieldstone, North-eastern Dark Granite or Western Sandstone.
Further information click here.

Promoting Clean, Clear Water

WaterMark UV lights promote clean, clear water for a healthy aquatic environment. These light-driven filtration systems also have a safety feature to prevent UV-C radiation exposure. According to the manufacturer this solution delivers efficient, chemical-free filtration for any water garden or koi pond, according to the manufacturer. Further information click here.

New Profimax Pumps

For creating watercourses

These are a new range of watercourse pumps from Oase, which are designed to create impressive watercourses and waterfalls, or for the powerful displacement of pond water to the filtration system. Coarse debris particles up to 8 mm in size are displaced without difficulty. The pumps are durable, easy to handle and can be over-wintered in a pond even if frozen over. Further details click here.

Happy Koi-keeping

Philip Swindells

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